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Carolina Brunet is a contemporary visual artist based in California, United States. In 2004, after obtaining a Degree in Graphic Design and a Master degree in Strategic Communication in Santiago, Chile, she moved to live in The United States.


She studied Painting in Minnetonka Center for the Arts and Introduction to Illustration in Minneapolis College of Art and Design MN, Minnesota. 


Her work was featured in different groups and solo exhibitions around the Twin Cities establishing herself as an emerging artist. 


In 2016, she worked as a Museum Educator at a multidisciplinary contemporary art museum, The Walker Art Center(MN), participating in exhibitions, such as Merce Cunningham and Katrina Fritsch. Combining painting with education, she has contributed with knowledge in Latin American culture and bilingual proficiency. Diversity and inclusion in the art community has been her main focus.


In 2017, she moved to live in the Greater New York area where she continued her studies of painting, participated in art galleries exhibitions, and take painting classes with Mentor Ronnie Landfield. In 2019, her work was featured in an exhibition at the Prince Street Gallery, New York.


In 2019, she moved to live in the state of California where she has her studio and continues exhibiting her work. 


My life journey has been loaded of unpredictable changes find it necessary to adjust myself to every challenge. My art explores ways to deal with continuous changes and variabilities in life. One way is to push boundaries and experiment with untraditional materials, such as yarn instead of paint. 


Yarn and wood in Chile have an important cultural background applied to textiles. Born and raised in Chile, I learned to knit since I was little. Expanding the possibilities of painting with this new material seems natural to me. Color, line, and texture are elements that I find in both practices. I do not stop questioning myself how fine art and craft can coexist at the same time in the same place with mutual tolerance. Are we still in the 21st century using high and low art to categorize them.?


My own experience is revealed in my artwork as an abstract language; however, I allow myself to explore diverse expressions to have a multiform language. 


Color is always the main driving force in my art; however, I am not limited to interconnect other elements to make the artwork alive. I like to confront my art with bravery, taking risks, trusting intuition, and allowing my imagination to flow. 


As an artist, I may take the legacy of art history and build my own path and voice making a new contribution to the artistic World.

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