Born and raised in Chile, Carolina Brunet has been living in The United States since 2004.

She studied Painting in Minnetonka Center for the Arts (MN) and Introduction to Illustration in Minneapolis College of Art and Design(MCAD) (MN), after obtaining a Degree in Graphic Design and a Master degree in Strategic Communication in Santiago, Chile.


Since 2004, Carolina established herself in Twin Cities as an emerging artist and after several successful shows, she opened up her own gallery-studio. 


In 2016, she worked as a Museum Educator at a multidisciplinary contemporary art museum, The Walker Art Center (MN), participating in exhibitions, such as Merce Cunningham and Katrina Fritsch. Combining painting with education, she has contributed with knowledge in Latin America culture and bilingual proficiency to the art community.


In 2017, she moved to live in Greater New York City area where she continues her studies of painting, visiting Museums and Galleries exhibitions, and taking painting classes at the Art Student League of New York. Ronnie Landfield and Pat Lipsky have been two of her instructors.



Through painting, I discovered that I like to explore, travel through an unfamiliar world in order to learn and discover what lies beyond. It is exciting, difficult, challenging and passionate. In one word is “VIBRANT”.


Living in a foreign country, I have learned to speak a second language: “English”.

Through painting, I have learned to speak a third language: “Art”.

How can I separate my life experience from my art? I can not.


I consider myself an explorer interested in develop my imagination through spontaneity.

A personal and universal language comes to the aid of in my work: color, markings, textures, or brushstrokes, everything that makes my spirit free.


My first thought when I face an empty white canvas is: "do not think, just, let it flow”. Passion and power emotions emerge facing my own fears and expressing my own voice. After that, I give time for the painting to speak by itself, connecting and communicating with an in-out world.


My career is influenced by concepts that have been developed in art history: Impressionism, Abstract Expressionism, Fauvism, Neo-expressionism and others. I use these studies like a starting point; however, I set myself in my own path absorbing what it is helpful to my goals.


As an artist, I may take the legacy of the art history and build my own path and voice making a new contribution to the artistic journey.

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